Things Your Man Won’t Do – Tour Dates

Rachel Braxton is fed up with all the things her man, Demetrius McAlister won’t do. And that list is long. Despite the fact that she’s given him her time, money and her love, Demetrius won’t commit. And now that he’s all wrapped up in his cousin, Damien’s dysfunctional relationship with over-the-top Katrina Bridges, Rachel reaches her breaking point and puts Demetrius out.

Determined to get his woman back, Demetrius turns to his friend Blake, a newly divorced psychologist who eagerly steps up to offer Demetrius a little advice. But soon Blake discovers the woman he’s trying to help Demetrius win back, is the one that got away. As love trumps his friendship, Blake is poised and ready to do all the things Demetrius won’t in order to get Rachel back.

As startling secrets are exposed and drama reaches an all-time high, will Rachel and Demetrius find their way back to each other…or will love lead them their separate ways?