Behind the Scenes with LEON I really Hate my Ex

Behind the Scenes with LEON ROBINSON!

Starring in movies like THE FIVE HEARTBEATS as J.T., or as Little Richard in LITTLE RICHARD, LEON ROBINSON is one of the most versatile leading men in Hollywood. Leon currently has completed 5 movies (he’s a busy man) and shows no signs of slowing down!

But here’s a side of Leon most of you don’t see as he’s on the set behind the scenes of his latest comedy/drama EX-FREE, with castmates (L-R) SHARI HEADLEY (COMING TO AMERICA), TOMIKO FRASER HINES (COVERGIRL Model) and DAPHNE DUPLAIX (ONE LIFE TO LIVE, HOUSE OF LIES).

So ladies sit back, relax and enjoy Leon Robinson like you’ve never seen him before, behind the scenes!