Dark Skin Love: Interview on maintaining healthy skin

In the morning…

I get in the shower! (laughs) I don’t use soap. I use a substitute or any other natural products that don’t have suds. Oil free moisturizer except, in the winter, because I live in New York sometimes I need that extra sheen, Nothing’s worse than a grey looking brother, I try to keep it simple. Luckily my face doesn’t require a great deal or maintenance.

Natural Vs Normal products?

I prefer natural products simply because i believe if your skin is doing good on its own, then you should use natural products. Im actually using a new product called Pure & Simple, they are all natural, vegan and organic skin care products: look and my skin right here… see how it glows. Thats from this product.

What do you love most about Pure & Simple?

I love the way it makes my skin look. It gives it a natural sheen but its not greasy. It’s really nice! This is a new product out but i use them religiously because they are All natural products.

My Style…

Is different, i’ve always liked to be an individual. If you’re shopping at all the usual places you are bound to look like everyone else. I love vintage clothing. Mixing and matching with new things… if you see me head to toe in one designer, he’s paying me to wear it lol. What we wear represents a big part of who we are. People always love to say ‘looks are not that important’ BULL SH*T, looks are very important.

What I see is my first impression of you. If a woman walks by, i’m not saying to myself, she looks like she reads very good books and knows how to cook. I’m going to say, I like her style, she has beautiful eyes… I wanna talk to her… you cant see those other things. You at how someone is dressed and their grooming and that gives your first impression on weather you want to have a conversation with them. You cant help that.

My womans skin…

I prefer a woman where i can see her skin. Sometimes women wear so much make up that it makes me feel like they’re hiding something. They often have lovely skin but feel like they need to wear a lot of make up. I just like someone the way they really look.

I have this thing called the margin. How a woman looks… and how she can look and i like to keep that margin small.

“Im serious”. With those larger margins, you dont know what you’re getting. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they wake up in the house with me and look like george foreman or larry holmes… I think to myself “there’s a gap. Thats not who met”. I know they can look like this, but i also know they can look like this. I prefer to keep the gap from here to here. A very small margin.

To buy the products leon uses, go to: www.pureandsimplebodycare.com