Leon and the Peoples Interview & Podcast


Over the weekend my first stop during the National Black Arts Festival, the “Main Stage” at Centennial Olympic Park, where I got an opportunity to interview super-star “Leon”. You remember the sexy heartthrob player-player from “Waiting to Exhale”, the out of control lead singer “David Ruffin” on the hit film “The Temptations” and the classic Robert Townsend flick, “The Five Heartbeats”. Yes, that’s “Leon”! And just as he revved up the ladies in the audience with his rich vocals on screen, Leon was again exercising his soulful vocal chords in his new group “Leon and the Peoples” a Reggae-Soul vibe. At 45, “Leon” is still sex-crazy-cool rocking the stage and wowing the ladies as he comes just a little bit closer to interact with his fans. He donned a cute bib cap and some really fashion forward jeans that compliment his slender frame.

During the set, a cute little girl appeared on the stage followed by Leon saying, “If see resembles me, it’s no coieciende.” It was his beautiful seed who also graced us with her velvty pipes too; Little Apple. After the show, “Leon” granted FeSAAD a short on-camera spotlight about what’s going on with him today.See the on camera interview herePresently, he is working on his new album with “Leon and the Peoples”, traveling back and forth between New York and L.A. filming and going to casting calls, trust me, he is still on the move. In addition, he recently finished taping a TV series called “Brooklyn Heist,” and the second season of the award-winning web soap opera “Diary of a Single Mom,” along with his cast members Monica Calhoun, Billy Dee Williams and Richard Roundtree. Born Leon Preston Robinson IV, he presently resides in New Jersey.